Kalamazoo Conference Catalog

When I was in college, I loved hunting through the course catalog. A course catalog is like a set of unaffordably long Amazon wish lists: “if I had enough money I would get this AND this AND this . . . .” I would make lists to see whether I could fit together the whole jigsaw of desires before I had to graduate, and to dream about all the different kinds of stuff I might able to learn.

The current manifestation of course compilation is now found for me in Kalamazoo conference catalog. It’s different, of course; “courses” are only offered once and never again, so there’s not so much a jigsaw of choices as a linear progression. But it’s similar. The catalog is enormous, but despite this there is always the frustration of adjacent sessions (often several) that force me to miss sessions and speakers I very much want to see. And as in my last year or so of school, and as often as possible in grad school, I pick courses only partly by topic, but often by professor.

But above all there’s just so much, well, stuff to learn. How much fun is that? I get to be a student again. I hope to see you there.


Author: Derrick Pitard

I teach medieval and early modern literature, the history of the language, introductions to literature, Latin, and writing at Slippery Rock University.

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