The Witch of Edmonton on stage

The Witch of Edmonton, the 1621 play by Dekker, Ford, and Rowley, is on stage (off-Broadway) in New York City; it’s run has been extended through February 20th. Here’s a review today from The New York Times:

The play follows two main stories, which are only tangentially linked: that of Frank Thorney (Justin Blanchard), an irresolute young man who finds himself inconveniently married to two women, and that of Elizabeth Sawyer (Charlayne Woodard), the title character, a ragged and desolate woman who is scorned as a witch by the people of Edmonton well before she becomes one. . . . Mr. Berger elucidates the play’s suggestion that hearts are often divided, and that a devil’s easiest mark is an ambivalent soul.

Unfortunately, term will keep me out of the viewing area. But, if you’ve seen it, how was it?


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